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DopeCauseWeSaid| This Summer Cards Against Humanity Meets Black Twitter AdLibbing.org| Game Developers Champion Diversity At Game Devs Of Color Expo Venture Beat|Game Devs of Color Expo Highlights the Diversity Already in Gaming Geek.Com| Game Devs of Color Expo is the Antidote to E3 Mic.Com|4 Indie Games From Developers of Color That You Should Check Out [...]

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Past Events

 August 19th-20th: Play NYC 2017 August 4, 2017: Ultimate Clapback Live Demo with Geek.com  June 24, 2017: Game Devs Of Color Expo April 27, 2017: Spring Play: NYC Game Expo  

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How It All Began

“F-ck you!” Yup, that’s how it all began. I’ll never forget the morning I became unhinged while attempting to get my mother settled into her new home—a Nursing Home.  I received a phone call. The person on the other end tried my patience and I clapped back.  I’ve never had an issue with expressing myself.  [...]

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