The Ultimate Clap Back Is Going To PAX East

SAY WHAAAAAAAT!?!?!?  That's right, I am going to PAX East.  What is PAX East?  PAX, which is short for Penny Arcade Expo is a gaming conference.  I think Wikipedia may list it as a festival.  Anyway, it is done is several places throughout the year. This conference is happening in Boston on April 5th-8th.  I [...]

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The Best Weekend Ever

Exposure is my best friend.  I realized early on, if I want folks to know about the game, I am gonna have to make sure I am seen; but how?  The gaming community has lots of online forums, meet-ups and Facebook groups, but nothing beats a gaming conference.  As an exhibitor, you have the opportunity [...]

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How It All Began

“F-ck you!” Yup, that’s how it all began. I’ll never forget the morning I became unhinged while attempting to get my mother settled into her new home—a Nursing Home.  I received a phone call. The person on the other end tried my patience and I clapped back.  I’ve never had an issue with expressing myself.  [...]

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